Postal Business Mailing Lists
Create business direct mail lists using custom selection options.

Through custom selections you can create narrow focus lists targeted to very specific markets. To place an order, send a contact request to our sales department stating your criteria.

List Selects

A list select defines specific criteria for choosing a particular segment of a list. For example, if a list includes gender identifying information, a Gender Select would enable one to create a list that is oriented to only one gender.

Industry Selects

Dental, Plumbing, Garages, and more...
You can create lists to target specific industries by filtering the listings for industry related keywords. For example, to create a list of dental offices, one might filter the business names for variations on the word "dental".

Selecting By Gender
Similarly, you can obtain a list that is oriented to a specific gender by filtering the contact name for gender specific first names.

Location Selects

Select based on SCF, Zipcode, City Name, State
Location selection is of great value for smaller and regional business mailers, and we make it easy. If you can describe the area you want to target, we'll create a select to obtain listings for that area.

Age of Business Selects

Select based on month and year of registration
Age based selection is one of the most common and generally worthwhile options, and Lookupbook listings date back to 2001. Some business types are of the greatest value when they are new and just starting out. Others are of little value until they're at least a few years old. Whatever you need to achieve direct mail success, chances are we have it available.

Multi-option Selects

One of the most effective way to obtain a top performing list is to mix multiple options to target an audience that is almost primed for your offer. Let us know what you need and well do our best to match your criteria.

Since 2001 Lookupbook has been a leader in B2B postal direct mailing lists including new business owners, women business owners, and custom business lists.