Achieve Postal Direct Mail Success
Select a postal direct mail business list to achieve direct mail marketing success.

When purchasing a mailing list, buy a list that is high quality, highly responsive, well targeted to your audience, and frequently updated.

Selecting A Mailing List

#1: High quality mailing lists
When it comes to mailing lists, quality refers to two things: Whether the list has a lot of undeliverable addresses and whether the person being mailed actually exists at that address.

The Lookupbook list is compiled from recent government business registrations which are not active until the registered agent has responded to a postal mailing from the registrar. So we know the list is highly deliverable.

The registered agent must submit proof that they can be reached at the location given for the business. So we know the contact being mailed actually exists at the address.

#2: Responsive mailing lists
Some lists are known for being more responsive than others. But responsiveness is difficult to judge. A list that responds well to offers for kitchen appliances may fail for travel offers.

The Lookupbook New Business List is a list of people who, in most cases, are starting a new business. Knowing this, we can make certain assumptions that experience has proven accurate. We know new business owners need a bank account and credit cards in the business name. We know the business will need insurance. We know the business will need an accountant.

#3: Well targeted
With more than 15 years experience, we know that offers for financial services, accounting services, and legal services have consistently been the most responsive.

That doesn't mean the list won't perform well for other offers. You need to think about the audience you're reaching and your own customer base. If you're a national restaurant supply, applying a filter for variations on the word "restaurant" to the business name field of the Lookupbook New Business List could provide you with a regular monthly stream of excellent leads.

#4: Frequently updated
Some lists, based on how they are generated, are never updated. They contain old information related to a historic purchase that no longer conveys the interests of the consumer.

Lookupbook new business listings are, well, new. Beyond that, they're aged according to their date of acquisition. Listings over a year old are updated periodically using a web crawler much the same as Google updates listings for websites.

Since 2001 Lookupbook has been a leader in B2B postal direct mailing lists including new business owners, women business owners, and custom business lists.