Frequently Asked Questions
The most common questions customers ask about the list.

Where do you get the listings?

Listings are acquired from government new business registrations.

What contact name is on the listing?

Some listings have no contact name, but most have the name of the person that registered the business, also known as the Registered Agent.

In most cases, the Registered Agent of a new business will be the owner. However, the Registered Agent may be any authorized "entity", which includes both the company's law firm and third party business registration agencies.

Why are some addresses for a residence?

The address on a business registration is the "Service Of Process" address, which is the official address used by a business to receive government and legal documents. It may be the actual business location, the owner's home, or even the address of the law firm listed as the Registered Agent.

In short, the address shown is where important documents are sent. Mail sent to the Service Of Process address is more likely to be seen by the owner than mail sent anywhere else.

Are the addresses verified?

We do not verify the addresses. However, the process of registering a business requires the Registered Agent for the business to respond to mail sent to the listed address. The registration will not be issued if no response is received.

Do you have phone numbers?

Generally, no. While we do have some phone numbers, the availability of phone numbers is so limited it would be misleading for us to claim we have phone numbers.

For clarity, we have only what is submitted with the business registration and very few states request that registered agents provide a phone number. In fact, most don't even provide space on their registration form.

Don't Waste Money On Email Lists
Google, Yahoo, and other providers of free email services enable you to select your own email address after checking whether the address is currently in use. Anytimeyou want email addresses, just type random addresses into the sign-up form and save the addresses that aren't available. You'll soon have a list that is worth exactly what you paid for it.

Do you have email addresses?

No, and we wouldn't offer them if we did. The low cost of marketing by email has resulted in email marketing being horribly abused. Additionally, most email lists are of such low quality we recommend against the use of email for marketing ourside one's own customer list.

Some of the listings are really worthless or duplicates of others.

Unfortunately, it takes time to remove bad listings. When you're purchasing new business listings, the imperative is the newness. Consequently, up to 5% of any new business list will be listings a reasonable person will consider to be unusable.

Our policy on bad listings is simple: If you aren't going to mail a listing, we'll refund or replace it at your option. There is no criteria to meet, we simply don't care why you don't like a particular listing, we only care that you aren't going to use it.

What if I want a full refund?

New Customers
That's no problem, especially with your first order. If you also request a full refund on your second order, we'll still issue it promptly, but expect us to inquire about what issues you're experiencing and try to help.

A Word About Our Refund Policy
Some people wonder why we have such a lenient refund policy. The answer is simple: our cost of acquiring new customers is greater than our profit from an initial sale. We need repeat customers, not one shot deals.

Now, if you request a full refund on all your initial three orders, you're going to need a very good reason or we'll probably terminate your account and ban you from further orders. No, we're not kidding about that.

Repeat Customers
Requesting a replacement list or full refund is never a problem. And just for clarity, sometimes bad things happen to good people, don't worry about it, just let us know. For example, if you purchase a list and then your printer isn't able to complete the mailing pieces in a reasonable time. No problem, just let us know what happened and we'll issue an up-to-date replacement list at no charge when the mailing pieces are ready.

How long does it take to get a refund?

One of the reasons we use Paypal for billing is because refunds are easy and immediate. To accommodate time zone variations, we ask only that you allow up to 12 hours for a refund request to be issued (sometimes, we sleep at night).

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