Select by Location, Months in Business, Type of Business, and Owner Gender.
  • 100% verified addresses
  • 1.2 million new business listings
  • 150,000+ new businesses monthly
  • 6.5 million owner names
  • 1.8 million women in business
  • 1.3 millon medical listings

High Quality Business Mailing Lists

A proven market leader with more than a decade of consistently high response rates.

Lookupbook listings are compiled from a variety of federal, state, and local data sources which are continually monitored to acquire and update listings as soon as new information is released to the public.

Every listing acquired is subject to a multi-point data cleaning and normalization process to remove duplicates, ensure every listing you receive is accurate and deliverable, and remove third party registered agent names and addresses.

Reaching the Right Audience

Whether you sell ice cubes to Eskimos, teach Snozzwangers table manners, or hire quantum mechanics to repair automobiles, there's a list select available to reach an audience that will ensure your next mailing receives the best possible response.

The most popular selects are based on the date of registration, gender of the business registrar, and industry. The specific industry select enables you to target business entities by selecting industries from among 33 specific industry groups with more than 300 industry specific categories.

Ensuring List Quality
  • Contact names verified against a known names list
  • Addresses verified against known attorney addresses
  • Every business classified for industry and sub-group
  • Contact name matching against gender oriented names list

New business owners

Registering a business name is the first step to creating a business. The business name must be registered before the business can open a bank account, sign a lease, or purchase inventory. Consequently, selecting business entities registered within the past 30 days enables you to reach new business owners who are in the initial phases of startup. The list is highly responsive because, well, new business owners need everything.

Women business owners

Women business owners are also highly responsive to direct mail offers. The list is created by matching the name of the business registrant to a list of gender specific first names.

Healthcare providers list

This unique list enables mailers to reach physicians, allied health professionals, and medical facilities including hospitals, clinics, and nursing homes as well as nurses and home health care agencies.

Physician listings are coded by speciality and may be grouped according to affiliated medical facility, enabling mailers to reach physicians within a particular hospital or medical center.